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“Facilitating Fuller Freedom through strategic planning, systems consultation, executive coaching, and professional development.”

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Strategic Planning & Systems Consultation  

  • Establish a multi-year strategic plan, inclusive of clearly articulated priorities, initiatives, milestones, and metrics

  • Obtain planning and facilitation support of Fair Process meetings that ensures stakeholder feedback, including on curriculum or program adoption, will enhance change management and implementation success

  • Align your strategic plan with a professional development scope and sequence, staff coaching schedule, and compelling communications plan



  • Experience a safe, structured, and trustworthy environment to engage in self-reflection, goal setting, progress monitoring of initiatives, and career coaching individually or with your leadership team

  • Reconnect with your values, motivators, and strengths to lead with confidence, inspiration, and efficacy in ways that do not force you to abandon your wellness or core beliefs.  

  • Understand your current competencies, see how they are perceived by others, gain thought partnership regarding change management, and focus on identifying and clarifying current goals, as well as the appropriate action steps to reach those objectives.

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DEI & Education Professional Development

  • Minimize stigma, shame, individualism, and fixed mindsets as you benefit from opportunities to enhance “mirror” (reflecting on self) and “windows” (connecting with others) work

  • Participate in engaging, rigorous, and relevant professional development that push both staff mindset, as well as their practice.

  • Engage in dynamic sessions that are grounded in theory and best practice, ensuring participants can leave PD with concrete strategies that result in greater adult alignment, team collaboration, and outcomes for scholars

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Wellness &
Loss Circles 

  • Receive support with collective processing when a colleague loss occurs

  • Contract in a neutral facilitator to ensure a safe, trauma-sensitive container is maintained such that teammates can mourn without the added pressure of managing, coordinating, or leading grief work

  • Combat isolation and normalize grief within your work family within a non-clinical, restorative experience


Student Services

  • Ensure you are legally compliant with Education Code, authorizer reporting mandates, etc. to mitigate risk for your organization and team

  • Secure thought partnership and strategic action planning for high profile, complex student, staff, and community cases 

  • Collaborate on a communication cascade for all relevant stakeholders after a significant event (i.e. staff newsletter, messaging re: FERPA, ParentSquare communication, etc.)


Behavior Consultancies
FBA & BIP Writing

  •  Schedule observations and stakeholder interviews to gather key data and trends for high needs (Tier 3 or Tier 4 MTSS designation) student behavior cases -Procure a Functional Behavior Analysis (FBA) report and connected Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) to alleviate the already overburdened Special Education department at your site

  • Engage in staff professional development and coordinated practice sessions that elevate high leverage content and practices contained in the FBA/BIP to ensure implementation fidelity and efficacy

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